Elkay LZS8L Breakdown

Breakdown for models: EZF(S)4*1C, EZF(S)8*1C, EZF(S)VR8*1C, EZF(S)8*2CJO, EZF(S)8*2CJO, EZF(S)D*C, LZF(S)8*1C, LZF(S)VR8*1C, LZF(S)8*3CJO, LZF(S)8*2CJO, and LZF(S)D*C.

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Item # Part No. Product Name Price Qty Image
1 11-14114-43-890 Elkay / Halsey Taylor 11-14114-43-890 SCREW-#8-36 X .38 TRI-LOBED Please Call
2 56229C Elkay 56229C Upper Shroud (with Front and Side Push Bars)
56230C Elkay 56230C Upper Shroud w/ Front Push Button
3 35948C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 35948C Push Bar Switch Please Call
4 36216C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36216C Wire Assembly Front/Sides PSH
36217C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36217C ASSY -WIRING FRNT PSH
5 36161C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36161C White Power Jumper Wire
36162C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36162C Black Jumper Wire
6 55999C Elkay 55999C Front Push Bar
7 56002C Elkay 56002C Side Push Bar
56074C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 56074C Push-Filler Side Please Call
8 56118C Elkay 56118C Drain Gasket Please Call
9 56182C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 56182C Drain Adapter Bracket
10 75580C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 75580C Bubbler Kit Nut Please Call
70012C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 70012C Lock Nut
11 66654C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 66654C REG. ASSY - W/RED INTRNL SPRIN Please Call
12 56092C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 56092C Plastic Tubing 1/4" x 48"
13 56213C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 56213C PANEL-ACCESS
14 75532C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 75532C Screw Please Call
16 30664C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 30664C Fan Blade
17 70018C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 70018C Nut - Hex 1/4 - 20 Please Call
18 31490C Elkay 31490C Fan Motor Please Call
19 70009C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 70009C Exp-Screw Furn w/AL Motor Please Call
20 66723C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 66723C ASSY -TUBE EVAP TO BASE
21 56237C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 56237C SHRD- FAN Please Call
22 40319C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 40319C Stream Breaker Please Call
40322C Elkay 40322C Stream Breaker
23 50171C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 50171C ORING-.364ID X .070 Please Call
24 50314C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 50314C Flow Straightner Please Call
25 66743C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 66743C Condenser Please Call
26 66703C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 66703C DRIER-134A Please Call
27 10-15161-43-550 Elkay or Halsey Taylor 10-15161-43-550 Stud
28 10-08067-40-570 Halsey Taylor or Elkay 10-08067-40-570 Grommet Please Call
29 19037000 Elkay or Halsey Taylor 19037000 Clip Please Call
30 36094C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36094C Compressor Service Pak 115V Please Call
31 35959C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 35959C Relay Please Call
32 35768C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 35768C Cover Relay Please Call
33 66576C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 66576C HEATX-BARRIER FREE Please Call
35 70444C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 70444C Hose Clamp
36 55001109 Elkay or Halsey Taylor 55001109 Basin - Stainless Steel
37 31513C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 31513C Cold Control Thermostat
38 66533C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 66533C Evaporator
66534C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 66534C Evaporator Assembly Please Call
39 70002C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 70002C Screw
40 56011C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 56011C Bubbler Guard Please Call
41 55997C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 55997C Pedastal Please Call
42 36158C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36158C Overload 115V Please Call
43 28401C Elkay 28401C Wall Hanger Bracket
44 56082C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 56082C Cartridge Hold Open Nut Please Call
45 56073C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 56073C Flexi-Guard Bubbler Head Please Call
46 36247C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 36247C Solenoid - (No Nut, No Regulator) Please Call
47 10-03227-40-560 Elkay / Halsey Taylor 10-03227-40-560 Flat Black Gasket
48 98118C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 98118C Bubbler Assembly VR w/Screen Please Call
49 15009C Halsey Taylor 15009C Bubbler Head Nipple Please Call
50 98169C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 98169C Solenoid Kit (cap, screen, and o-ring)
NS 27416C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 27416C Wrapper Panel w/louvers EZ (SS)
27413C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 27413C Panel- Wrapper EZ (L)
27872C Elkay or Halsey Taylor 27872C Wrapper Panel EZ Stainless Steel
27874C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 27874C PANEL-WRAPPER D EZ (L) Please Call
75635C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 75635C SCREW-#10-16 X .75 PTHD TEKS
51 51294C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 51294C Filter Housing Head
52 70792C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 70792C Screw
53 70823C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 70823C Fitting - Superseal 3/8(10mm)
54 70822C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 70822C Fitting - Superseal 1/4 (6mm) Please Call
55 51299C Elkay 51299C Replacement Filter (for EWF172)
56 70818C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 70818C Elbow Fitting 3/8 Stem 3/8 Tube
57 22490C Elkay / Halsey Taylor 22490C BRKT -FILTER MOUNTING

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