Halsey Taylor HTV8BL-EE-MVP-Q TTG Voyager Bi-Level Sensor Operated Water Cooler

  • Model #: HTV8BL-EE-MVP-Q TTG
  • Part #: 107674
  • Manufacturer: Halsey Taylor

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Features and Benefits

  • Ultra modern design
  • Cabinet molded from durable polymer
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Resistant to moisture, heat, and sunlight
  • Standard finish is Two-Tone Grey
  • Stainless Steel Basin with Integral Strainer
  • No exposed sharp corners or edges
  • Front panels remove for easy service and maintenance
  • ADA Compliant for both children and adults
  • Exclusive Halsey Taylor Double Bubbler
  • Electronic sensor
  • Easy Touch self closing push bars
  • Water filter factory

Lead Reduction Filter

The Halsey Taylor HTV8BLEE-MVP-Q Water Cooler With Filter is equipped with the Aqua Sentry HWF142 lead reduction system which is designed to remove cysts, such as cryptrosporidium and giardia, lead particles and chlorine taste and odor. The filter has been tested to the following NSF International standards: NSF/ANSI Standards 42 Chlorine, and Taste and Odor. NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for Reduction of Lead and Cyst. Features include Quick-Disconnect fittings on each end of the in-line filter. The filter contains a carbon block with lead sorbent media and the housing is made of rust and corrosion free plastic. Filter should be replaced every 750 gallons (2839 liters) or approximately 6 months after installation. Use part number 56191C when ordering replacement filter.

Filter Life Indicator

Filter Life Indicator records water usage and advises users when filter needs changing. The three light system helps maintain that the best filtered water is always available to users. Green=filter below 80% of capacity; Yellow=80%- 90% of capacity; Red=Replace Filter.


Molded two-tone gray space-age polymer with softly rounded edges. Resistant to impact, wear, corrosion, heat and sunlight.

Cooler Top

Non-corrosive stainless steel cooler top, number 300 series with satin finish resists stains and corrosion and is easy to maintain. Anti-splash design reduces splatter. Contour design and integral strainer insure proper drainage.


Exclusive one-piece, chrome-plated two-stream mound-building bubbler with non-removable anti-squirt feature and integral hood insures a satisfying drink of water.

Automatic Actuation

Model HTV8BLEE-MVP-Q features infra-red light beam emitting sensor and a solenoid valve. Upon interruption of the light beam, the sensor actuates the solenoid valve to flow water. User does not have to touch the water cooler to obtain a drink of water. The water flow is automatically shut-off after 30 seconds or earlier if the user leaves the sensing range. Supplied with a built-in time delay to avoid nuisance actuation from passers-by.

Automatic Stream Height Regulator

Self-closing assembly is located inside unit to prevent tampering. Unit resists corrosion and liming. A constant stream height is automatically maintained under line pressures that vary from 20 to 105 psi.

Solenoid Valve/Inlet Strainer

Self-closing solenoid valve includes easily cleaned in-line strainer that screens particles of 140 microns or larger before they enter the waterway.

Temperature Control

Positive sensing thermostat for controlling temperature of storage tank water. Factory set at 50° F Adjustable ± 5° F.

Storage Tank

Stainless steel evaporator/storage tank for long life. Waterways are certified to NSF/ANSI 61, far exceeding the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Refrigeration System

Hermetically sealed, positive start compressor with lifetime lubrication and built-in overload protection, efficient capillary sizing, large capacity dryer-strainer, and self-lubricated fan cools copper/aluminum condenser. System uses R134A refrigerant. Protected by Halsey Taylor’s Limited 5 Year Warranty.


Insure proper ventilation by maintaining 6” (152mm) minimum clearance from cabinet louvers to wall.

Suggested Specifications

Shall deliver 7.6 GPH of 50° F water at 90° F ambient and 80° F inlet water. Shall have stainless steel basin with integral drain strainer. Bubbler shall be two-stream, mound building type. Separate valve and automatic stream regulator shall be mounted within cabinet. Refrigeration system shall employ high efficiency, positive start compressor using R134A, evaporator tank with totally encapsulated insulation and be controlled by positive sensing thermostat. Shall have electronic eye water control for hands-free operation on lower wheelchair unit and push-bar water control on upper unit. Cooler shall comply with ANSI 117:1 and ADA for visual and motion disabilities.

Manufacturer Info

Halsey Taylor offers outdoor water coolers, water coolers for schools, parks and shopping centers, floor-mounted and wall-mounted coolers, and fountains in a variety of shapes and styles. Our durable and attractive finishes further reflect our concern for our products appearance, as well as their ability to withstand the test of time.
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Additional Information

Part #



Halsey Taylor

Model #


Is Complete




ADA Compliant


Installation Type

Wall Mounted

Freeze Resistant


Outdoor Rated




Vandal Resistant Bubbler


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