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How To Choose The Right Drinking Fountain

Choosing the right drinking fountain involves the consideration of numerous factors. If you are ready to purchase a drinking fountain, keep the following questions in mind as a guide on how to choose the drinking fountain best suited for your situation.

Will the drinking fountain be located in a high or low traffic area?

If the drinking fountain will be located in a high traffic area, the water flow per hour is an important element. Water flow per hour refers to the number of gallons per hour the drinking fountain can keep chilled. If you are in a high traffic area, you will want a minimum water flow of 8 gallons per hour.

Other considerations for drinking fountains in high traffic areas include durability and possible vandalism. In order to combat these potential issues, individuals will generally purchase vandal-resistant drinking fountains. Vandal-resistant drinking fountains are often equipped with heavy-duty parts to prevent both unit damage and wear.

Will the drinking fountain need to meet ADA requirements?

If the drinking fountain will be located in an area that will serve both able-bodied and handicapped individuals, you should purchase a drinking fountain that meets state and federal requirements as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Furthermore, if the drinking fountain will be located in a public facility, it is required by the ADA to install a bi-level unit. The bi-level drinking fountain, also known as a high-low drinking fountain, provides both wheelchair-accessible and standard height units. All our ADA units are labeled as such.

Will the drinking fountain be located inside or outside?

If the drinking fountain will be located outside, the drinking fountain will need to include features that allow it to withstand the elements. This often includes a unique finish designed to prevent corrosion. Additionally, the temperature range of the eventual drinking fountain location is a vital consideration. If the drinking fountain will be located in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, a freeze-resistant valve system is critical unless you intend to winterize the unit. All our units are indoor units unless noted as either indoor/outdoor or outdoor units.

Will the drinking fountain be refrigerated or non-refrigerated?

If a drinking fountain is refrigerated, the drinking fountain has an internal refrigeration system that cools the water. If a drinking fountain is non-refrigerated, the unit lacks a cooling system. Therefore, the water dispensed is at room temperature. Refrigerated drinking fountains are the most common. However, non-refrigerated drinking fountains become necessary when there isn’t a nearby power source.

Will the drinking fountain be floor-mounted or wall-mounted?

Whether or not a drinking fountain should be floor-mounted or wall-mounted typically depends on existing plumbing systems. If you are replacing an existing drinking fountain, it is crucial to confirm that the plumbing lines will match. If you are purchasing a new drinking fountain, existing plumbing lines will determine whether a floor-mounted or wall-mounted unit makes the most sense in your particular case. You can look at the measurements on the drinking fountain specification sheets to determine if your plumbing lines will line up with a particular unit.

Which drinking fountain brand should I choose?

We carry all units by major manufacturers. While they are all high quality drinking fountains, they vary by price, style, and fit. These factors will help determine the manufacturer that will best meet your needs.

If I am replacing an existing drinking fountain, do I need to replace it with the same brand?

No, you do not need to replace your drinking fountain with the same brand of drinking fountain. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, replacing with the same brand makes it easier to match your plumbing lines up with the new unit. It is not impossible to find a unit by another manufacturer that will match your existing plumbing system however.

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