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Haws Corporation was founded in 1906. Concerned with the sanitation of drinking water, Luther Haws constructed the first drinking faucet. This eventually lead to the development of the Haws self-contained water cooler. Today, as a leading manufacturer of drinking fountains and water coolers, Haws continues to bring progressive and safe products to the marketplace.

Over the years, the company has continued to grow and innovate. Now a worldwide operation, they offer a broad range of drinking fountains and water cooler units. Recognized for their high quality, the products feature lead-free and environment-friendly construction and compliance with ADA requirements.

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Need help troubleshooting your water cooler or drinking fountain? Try our Haws Troubleshooting Guide.

Not sure what part you might need for your drinking fountain or water cooler? Visit our helpful Haws Parts List and Model Breakdown pages.

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